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Post-chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment
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Post-chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments alter the configuration of dermal tissues and affect the skin’s natural balance. These treatments can cause a number of devastating effects, such as dryness, itchiness, sensitivity, rashes, photosensitivity, hyper pigmentation, dehydration, etc. Treatments as aggressive as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can affect the patient’s self-esteem

We have identified the dermal issues that arise from these treatments and we would like to offer you the solution to these problems

Custom treatment

We are able to closely assist each case in detail and apply a routine that best suits you

Recover the functionality of different tissues that have been affected by the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We have designed a personalized protocol with such precision that it ensures our treatments do not depend on a standardized proposal. On the contrary, they are adjusted to best suit the individualized state of each tissue and emulsion that make up our skin. Our treatments work to restore each of the skin’s components to their ideal state within the parameters of BALANCE (acid mantle), PROTECTION (epidermis) and SUPPORT (dermis)

The post-chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment’s objectives

  • Recover and stabilize the balance of the acid mantle with its optimal level of acidity (pH 5.5)
  • Since the skin’s protective epithelial tissue (epidermis) has been damaged by the side effects of these treatments it is important to recover its functionality
  • Restore the dermal tissue and all its components to their ideal state

Post-chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment routine

The routine is very simple and it will take only a few minutes. Watch this video as it can answer any questions you may have

Treatment routine products

  1. Cleansing and Purifying Fluid
  2. PHotential Lotion
  3. Enzymatic Scrub
  4. Anti-Aging Intensive Care Capsules
  5. Dermo-Epidermal Serum
  6. Dermal Cream
  7. Epidermal Cream
  8. Sun Protection Cream SPF 40

It is advisable to follow this treatment with the help of a specialist in skin care maintenance and hygiene (Compositum)

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Our methodology works
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