Intensive treatment blister
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Las Ampollas de TRATAMIENTO INTENSIVO tienen la misión de luchar contra el estrés oxidativo y la muerte del ADN celular. Reconstituye la Unión Dermoepidérmica y aporta cohesión al cemento intercelular.


The natural Bioelements that in synergy, perform their determined function, helping other bioelements to complete their activity to the maximum. Multiactive complex with a convenient galenic presentation, to optimize results with GALVANIC CPS.

The content of INTENSIVE TREATMENT AMPOLLAS is wide and varied, and has been designed to treat each of the tissue planes, stimulating, reactivating and contributing both to its regeneration and to its reconstruction.

The INTENSIVE TREATMENT Blisters have the mission to fight against oxidative stress and the death of cellular DNA, they have a free antiradical action that contributes to the efficacy in depigmenting treatments, they have a deep Moisturizing effect, and an increase of general tissue resistance.

The effectiveness is verified with the contribution of tensile assets that provide a smooth, smooth and reinforced appearance. Provides essential elements for proper nutrition, and deeply repairs the cell structure of the upper layers of the skin, preventing leakage of moisture, improving water retention by increasing filaggrin levels.

It fixes its action in the dermoepidermal junction (fundamental in the firm and firm aspect of the tissue) restoring the cohesion and absolute and necessary communication so that the nutrients pass correctly from dermis to epidermis.


INTENSIVE TREATMENT AMPOLLAS are prepared to perform their function by means of different skin penetration and diffusion methods.

Massage. Natural action that by the presentation of its formulation, will make easier the simple penetration with massage.

DERMAROLLER: Natural action of microinjection of the stratum corneum in the dermis. With superior capacity of active penetration thanks to the micro-channels of mesopuncture that favor the penetration in 80% of its content.

GALVANIC CPS: Galvanic action by iontophoresis, which guarantees the total penetration and the correct distributive dispersion of all the active principles in different planes. All the methods have an immediate effect of rejuvenation, elevation and stimulation of the microstructures, defining the facial oval, smoothing wrinkles (nasogenianas, glabella, crow's feet, etc) in addition to the one offered by the intense work done with GALVANIC CPS, of cumulative character on the skin.


TEPEZCOHUITE: Antioxidant, healing, anti-inflammatory, recovery of damaged tissues.
ASIAN CENTELLA: Deep tissue regenerator.
ALHOLVA: Deep tissue firming, improves quality and treated structures.
ACEROLA: Antioxidant properties, helps in the formation of collagen. Rich in Vitamin C, enhancer of the immune system of the skin, Vitamin A free radical scavenger.
POTASSIUM, FOLIC ACID CELLULAR REGENERATOR: Contributes to improve all signs of aging.
GINKGO BILOBA: Natural Circulatory, which benefits all treated land with its effects.
CARDO MARIANO EXTRACT: Protector of cell membranes, strengthening them so that toxic substances do not enter them. Powerful, anti-inflammatory Antioxodante.
SOYBEAN GERM: Contribution of Isoflavones and other phytoestrogens, which combat the problems due to cellular aging.
WHEAT GERM: Proteins, vitamins and minerals. Great antioxidant Natural sunscreen
VITAMIN E ACETATE: Antioxidant of the first order, slows down all the signs of aging in the skin, protects other vitamins such as C and B, improves the capacity of defense.
RETINOL: Vitamin A, antioxidant properties, dead cell eliminator, incentive for the production of collagen, tissue regenerator, preventive of harmful effects, decreases the presence of spots on the skin.
GENTIAN: Favors the defenses of the skin, is tersor, contains vitamin C. Depurative, clears the skin.
RAPONTICINA: Increases the cellular cohesion of the stratum corneum. Increase the production of lipids in the barrier, to emulsify with sweat and strengthen the epicutaneous mantle. Avoid dehydration Activation of the production of Filagrina and Involucrina proteins that prevent the loss of moisture from the skin.


Spread one or two blisters, at first twice a week and then weekly, in relation to the area to be treated. Apply the method according to training.