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If you wish to undertake a new and exciting challenge in which you are your own boss then Compositum is the right website for you. We work hard to ensure you have everything you need; the rest is up to you and your desire to succeed. To sign up you need a referral code that can be provided by anyone who is already registered. If you don’t know anyone, please contact us at

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Professional success is in your hands

Sales benefits

We have the highest sales percentage of our affiliates on the market. We know that if you succeed we all succeed


We provide everything you need to sell: catalogues, digital resources, sale strategies, merchandise …

Assistance 24/7

We are always by your side. We personally assist all our distributors. You can count on us to help you achieve professional success


Custom email account with our domain. Enjoy the benefits of the Compositum brand right from the start


It won’t be necessary for you to store products or send shipments if you do not wish to do so. We take care of everything. Lower your costs and increase your profit

No initial investment required

There is no initial minimum investment or registration fee, nor periodic purchase obligation. The more you sell, the more you succeed. It’s that simple

And if that wasn’t enough…

Skin care professionals

Skin care professionals

Receive continuous training from professionals in skin care maintenance and hygiene and become one of them. Hard work and enthusiasm is the key to guaranteed success with Compositum

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Ecommerce for your sales

You can sell anywhere in the world, with help from the Internet. We offer you our website to enable your customers to place their orders directly with your distributor code

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Ecommerce for your sales

Do you want to earn more than 3,000€/month like Eva?

“I found out about Compositum through my brother-in-law who is a distributor and has an Osteopathy and Natural Therapies centre in Madrid. He recommended I attend a presentation that took place in Valencia because he knew I was going to love it. There, I discovered something different and unique that actually works. It is a real way to help many people obtain and maintain healthy skin. We have a Natural Health Centre in Santa Cruz de Tenerife where we are open for consultations using the Compositum Method and other therapies related to health. We also offer training to anyone who wishes to develop in this profession. I can describe my relationship with Compositum in a few words: I am delighted, fulfilled and very happy”

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As you can see, nothing prevents you from embarking on this new adventure. You have before you the possibility of joining a successful profession

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