Professional and continuous training

Beauty and health go hand and hand with the help of knowledge

Compositum Cosméticos seek to continuously train the people who help make this methodology and its products readily available on the market. The figure of Specialist in skin care maintenance and hygiene acquires a deep understanding of the skin which will allow them to face and solve the issues that cause any alterations, without focusing only on the signs and symptoms that may arise on the skin

Next courses


1.- THE SKIN Madrid

We shall review “who we are”, our philosophy, our methodology and we will study THE SKIN


2.- Our products Madrid

We will study composition, directions for use and effects


3.- Galvanic electrical currents and the Derma Roller Madrid

Techniques on how to use the Derma Roller and the study behind the Galvanic electrical currents

Professional certification


Specialist in skin care maintenance and hygiene

Receive continuous training from professionals in skin care maintenance and hygiene and become one of them. Working hard and enthusiasm is the key to a guaranteed success with Compositum

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