Contour eyes and lips
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Tension effect with dermic stimulation on the collagen formers, antioxidants and cellular regenerators, draining and decongestive circulatory effects. Hydro-nutritive actions.


The skin of the eyes is extremely thin, as much as five times smaller in thickness than the rest of the face, which in turn is, in that same percentage, of the body. Approx. 0.004 mm Its horny layer is also less thick than the rest; with which protection is also less.

In its dermal layer there are variations in the amount of collagen and elastin produced, being less than the rest. Therefore, we have an elastic skin and thin.

The delicacy is accentuated when we observe the low content of sebaceous glands, with which natural nutrition is highly compromised. It is easy to understand that the imbalance of its epicutaneous mantle is a constant, and it makes a special area of ​​treatment more likely than the rest.

We have in the eye contour there are 22 periorbital muscles that subject the skin to a constant gesticulation with contractions and distensions, which first provoke those classic wrinkles of expression, which over time will become deep wrinkles.

The lower eyelid contains some lobes of encapsulated natural orbital fat, whose function is that of protection, which over the years, and sometimes caused by conditions such as fluid retention or diseases, devitalizes and relaxes, producing unpleasant eyelid pockets. even fatty deposits of unpleasant appearance.

The dark circles, or excessive pigmentation of coloration in the area of ​​the lower eyelid is due, as it can not be otherwise, to an excess of melanin or dilatation of the capillaries.

It is another problem that we often observe. The excess of pigmentation is usually of congenital origin and its more brownish coloration, the problem of circulatory congestion in the delicate network of the eye contour, usually produces an edema or lymphatic containment, which is relieved by the same movement to which it is subjected. The eye, but nocturnal immobility affects the problem of inflammation.


Tension effect with dermal stimulation on collagen formers, antioxidants and cell regenerators. Decongestive and draining circulatory effects. Moisturizing and nourishing effects when restoring tissue balance, with the contribution of highly effective active ingredients.


Perform a light massage without rubbing intensely, so as to facilitate the release of the most superficial corneal layers, which activate the microcirculatory and lymphatic function that will favor the elimination of toxins accumulated in the tissue and that produces lymphatic ecstasy. Taking into account that a massage of greater intensity, will interest the circulatory problem (dark circles, circulatory or pigmentation type), while a very soft massage will promote to lymphatic drainage (bags).

Apply a small amount of product and extend it circularly, with the fingertips, on both eyelids, start from the inner end, towards the outer. It can be applied morning and night or both. Whenever the skin requires it.


MIMOSA TENUIFLORA: Deep cell regenerator. Anti-inflammatory Recovery of damaged tissue.
BAMBOO: Collagen and elastin synthesizer. Draining and restorative due to the high silicon content.
HORSE TAIL: Remineralizing, draining, support tissue strengthening.
GINKGO BILOBA: Activator of the blood microcirculation. Draining and circulatory.
GRAPE SEED OIL: Nutrition Hydration Tissue reaffirmation, antioxidant.
EXTRACT OF FRUIT OILS: Immune reinforcement of the tissue, antioxidant, nutrition-hydration.